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The Retirement Visa Bali – Indonesia is available for foreigners aged over 55 years old who want to retire in Indonesia.

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For which nationals is the Retirement Visa Bali available?

  • You may stay in Indonesia for one year on this visa, extendable for up to a maximum stay of five years.

  • Please keep in your mind that the extension should be conducted every year, the process starts 1 month before the due date of your KITAS.

  • The Retirement KITAS is already included multiple entry visa. The Retirement KITAS holder  can enter and exit Indonesia as many times as you like within 1 Year.

  • But you should already in Indonesia 2 weeks before the KITAS expired to do extension. If you stay in abroad while the KITAS expired in abroad, when you come to Indonesia again, the Immigration will take your KITAS and they will give you tourist visa.

  • When you have a willing to have retirement KITAS again, we should re-apply as a new KITAS..

  • Afrika Selatan,

  • Amerika Serikat,

  • Argentina,

  • Australia, Austria,

  • Bahrain,

  • Belgia,

  • Belanda,

  • Brasilia,

  • Brunai Darussalam,

  • Bulgaria,

  • Cyprus,

  • Denmark,

  • Emirat Arab,

  • Estonia,

  • Finlandia, 

  • Malta,

  • Mesir,

  • Monaco,

  • Norwegia,

  • Oman, 

  • Hongaria,

  • India,

  • Inggris,

  • Irlandia,

  • Iran,

  • Islandia,

  • Italia,

  • Jepang,

  • Jerman,

  • Kanada,

  • Korea Selatan,

  • Kuwait,

  • Liechtenstein,

  • Luxemburg,

  • Maladewa,

  • Malaysia,

  • Perancis,

  • Philipina,

  • Polandia,

  • Portugal, 

  • Qatar,

  • Rusia,

  • Saudi Arabia,

  • Selandia Baru (New Zealand),

  • Singapura,

  • Spanyol,

  • Suriname,

  • Swedia,

  • Swiss,

  • Taiwan,

  • Thailand

  • Yunani. 

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How To Process ??? 

First we would like to inform you that since 13 of October 2020 * For the new regulation there are no telex visas anymore. You get e-Visa. E-visa is a visa transformation from a visa label / sticker on your passport to an electronic form sent to your email address. So you don't require collect the visa in person at Indonesian Embassy or representative overseas.


So now you can choose where to start your visa application

There are two options:

For more details, you can check it below

Airport Passage






This visa application is specifically for foreigners who are outside the area of ​​Bali, Indonesia






This visa application is specifically for foreigners residing in the Bali region, who cannot return to their home country or wish to extend their stay permit without leaving Bali, Indonesia.

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If you have any questions or you would like a consultation on the best visa for you.
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