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With the Working Visa Bali Kitas you are only allowed to work for the sponsor; you cannot change your job and work for another company. If you do change your job to another company, then your KITAS becomes invalid and you will have to re-apply for a new KITAS with your new employer.

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Limited stay permit or common call KITAS is given to:

  1. Foreigners who enter the Indonesian territory with the limited stay visa (VITAS) or convert from a visit permit ( B211 index visa) for following purposes:

    • as investors;

    • as experts; (Index 312)

    • as clergy or clerics;

    • to enroll for education or training participants;

    • to conduct scientific research;

    • for reunion with a spouse who is a KITAS holder;

    • for reunion of children of a foreign national with his/her Indonesian national father and/or mother who have a legal family relationship;

    • for reunion of children under 18 year old and unmarried with his/her father and/or mother who are KITAS holders;

    • as a foreigner who formerly held Indonesian nationality; and

    • as a tourist over the age of 55 years. (Special condition apply to this category)

  2. A child who is born in Indonesian territory while his/her father and/or mother are KITAS holders.

  3. Ship captains,  crew or any foreign scientists working on a marine vessel, floating structure or installation operating in Indonesian waters and its jurisdiction according the laws. 

  4. Foreigners who are married with an Indonesian spouse

  5. Children of foreigners who are married with Indonesian spouse

  • Short Term Workers; The limited stay permits is required for foreigners for short-term-engagement.

  • Limited stay permit will expire due to:

    • Return to foreigner’s home country or another country with no intention of re-entering Indonesia

    • Return to foreigner’s home country and not re-entering Indonesia before the expiry date of re-entry permit

    • Obtaining Indonesian citizenship

    • Expiry of the permit date

    • Conversion of limited stay permit to permanent stay permit

    • Cancellation of the KITAS by the Minister or appointed immigration officer

    • Deportation; or

    • The event of decease of stay holder.

What type of company or entities can be a sponsor for a Working Visa Bali KITAS?
A Working Visa KITAS is sponsored by an Indonesian entity, this can include Indonesian owned PT. Locals, Foreign owned PMA companies, Foreign Representative Offices (KPPA), and formal or not for profit institutions (Yayasan).
As a Sponsors of the Working KITAS are legally responsible for the expatriate’s conduct during their stay in Indonesia.

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How To Process ??? 

First we would like to inform you that since 13 of October 2020 * For the new regulation there are no telex visas anymore. You get e-Visa. E-visa is a visa transformation from a visa label / sticker on your passport to an electronic form sent to your email address. So you don't require collect the visa in person at Indonesian Embassy or representative overseas.


So now you can choose where to start your visa application

There are two options:

For more details, you can check it below


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Airport Passage






This visa application is specifically for foreigners who are outside the area of ​​Bali, Indonesia







This visa application is specifically for foreigners residing in the Bali region, who cannot return to their home country or wish to extend their stay permit without leaving Bali, Indonesia.

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