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Offshore visa application is the application of a new visa for foreigners who are outside the Indonesian territory

How To Process ???

1. We receive the documents we need from you

2. We submit your e-Visa application to the DIRECTORATE  GENERAL OF IMMIGRATION.

3. The process takes about 7 working days.

4. Once  your E-Visa approved (Valid for 90 days from date of approval).

5. Once your e-Visa have been approved  you can then enter Indonesia( 90 days after your visa is approved you must go to Indonesia).

6. Once you arrived in Bali please submit your passport to us, which we will bring  to Bali immigration for processing of your retirement KITAS and multiple exit re-entry permit.

7. Then you have to go to Bali immigration Office to sign the KITAS and have your photograph taken by Bali immigration.

8. Once you arrive back in Indonesia with the retirement visa you will not be able to leave until  KITAS conversion process is complete.
Upon entry please contact us and submit your original passport to our office, you  have 30 days to apply for retirement  KITAS. The process can be done at an Immigration office closest to your residence.


1. Color Copy  of passport (All pages). Passport should be valid for at least 2                years from the time of application. Make sure that you have minimum 3                  blank pages on your passport for visa and kitas stamp ( Emergency passport          not acceptable);
2.  Recent Color Passport type photographs;
3.  If currently as a KITAS Holder The EPO stamp will be required;    
4.  Color copy of CV including  career  history , personal contact details and Name       and contact  information of family member to contact in the event of an                 emergency;
5. Proof from Pension fund, Bank foundation or other financial institution of a            minimum income of US$2,500 per month, to be used to provide living                      expenses during the proposed stay in Indonesia.
6. Copy of latest bank statement with balance Minimum 3 Months ;
7. Color  Copy Proof of medical insurance, life insurance and third-party personal       liability insurance;    
8. Copy of sales purchase invoice with minimum cost of US$35,000 if purchasing         a house or apartment. OR;    
9. If renting, color copy rental contract with minimum rental cost of US$500 /             month in Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. For all other cities in Java Island, Batam,          and Medan US$300 / month.  All other locations minimum US$ 200  /month);
10.    Color Copy of KTP of landlord or land owner of land where you will be living;
11.   Statement to declare employment of Indonesian Maid/servant ( the draft We           provide);
12.    Color Copy of the KTP (Indonesian ID Card) of maid / servant; 
13.   Statement agreeing not to engaged in any business activity or any other                   form of working for a living in Indonesia (draft we provide);
14.    If couple, married certificate must be required;
15.    Declaration regarding Covid-19;

16.    Health statement from the doctor or hospital that you are healthy.

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If you have any questions or you would like a consultation on the best visa for you.join us via our email or our Whatsapp massage.


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