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Onshore visa application is the application of a new visa for foreigners who are inside the Indonesian territory

How To Process ???

1. We receive the complate documents we need from you

2. We submit your e-Visa application to the DIRECTORATE  GENERAL OF IMMIGRATION.

3. The process takes about 7 working days.

4. Once  your E-Visa approved (Valid for 30 days from date of approval).


1. Color copy of your passport with a minimum validity of 12 months - 18 months. 
2. Latest bank statement of at least USD 3000.
3. Valid travel insurance or health insurance.
4. Declaration (we will send to your email)
5. Health Statement from local authorities or hospital stating that you are fit to fly and are free from Covid-19.

The fee 4,250,000 in USD 450

The fee above includes:
1. E-Visa application (We will apply for your Visa on your behalf).
2. Visa fee USD 50.
3. Company Sponsor.
4. Invitation Letter.

What to do after your E-Visa is approved ?? 

Once you have your Business Visa, you are free to stay in Bali for the first 30 Days. Thereafter, you are required to make an extension at the local immigration office. Extensions are granted for 30 days each and up to 4 times each time. To extend your Business Visa, please submit your passport to our office 2 weeks before your visa expired. You can extend your Business Visa for up to 4 times. Every extension will be valid for 30 days for a total maximum stay of 150 days.
Extension Fee: IDR 850,000 each extension.
This is a single entry visa, which terminates when you leave the country. You must get a new Visa for your next visit.

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If you have any questions or you would like a consultation on the best visa for you.join us via our email or our Whatsapp massage.


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